About the Toepener

The Toepener (toe opener) came to life at the beginning of 2011.  It was designed to liberate the hands of bathroom users, to free them of the unease of touching a dirty door handle.

The Toepener is ADA compliant and made of sturdy, rust-resistant stainless steel. It mounts easily and securely with four phillips head screws that are included with your purchase.

Over 5,000 sold!


       “It’s amazing that this gadget is not in every public bathroom in the world.”                 -  Sports Illustrated


“Simple enough – and you’re off germ-free”  - NBC.com


“America’s Coolest College Startup of 2011”      - Inc. Magazine


“I Implore Every Public Bathroom to Install These Toepeners Immediately”     - Gizmodo.com


“Simple and amazingly obvious.”     - Wired.com