Austin's Thinkery Opens

Austin's new Children's Museum, the Thinkery, just opened December 10th.  Their new space looks amazing and they have a great variety of things happening for everything.  Pay them a visit and use one of their Toepeners™ if you get the chance!

dueling pianos.jpg

 The Toepener™ Takes on the Piano

The Shout House, Minneapolis's premier dueling piano bar, installed a pair of Toepeners™ last year.  The crowd can focus on the music and the pianos stay cleaner!

 The Toepener in Jackson Square, N.O.

You can find the Toepener™ at Muriel's restaurant in New Orleans' historic district, Jackson Square.  Great food and great music! What company!


crabmeat grilled cheese.jpg

Crabmeat Grilled Cheese - Innovation!

You can find this sandwich, along with a pair of Toepeners™, at the Timberwood Grill in Charlottesville, VA.  And we thought we were on the cutting edge.  Anybody know if they deliver?